Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Newspaper or Magazine As A Weapon

            Natural and surrounding tools around us can make an effective weapon when it is necessary. The teaching of  Seni Gayong  is not only concentrated on  a specific  weapon but it’s also concentrate on anything that can be used as a weapon. For this purpose I gather all the students both from Dublin and Limerick for a weapon seminar. On that seminar the secret reveal how to use our surrounding in defending our self in a situation we do not predict. This time they are taught how  useful and dangerous a newspaper or a magazine when it is properly used.

Correct Way To Hold

            A  newspaper or magazine which most people read is dangerous when used as a weapon. There  are point to ponder how a very fragile paper can change into a destructive weapon. Those papers if we fold  closely and tightly can be as hard as a staff. From the handful holder it can be materialised for hitting or locking. In order to get a good grip and harden the paper has to be fold tightly. But in a unexpected situation we might have some problem when preparing it. In order to prepare for this kind of situation we must be alert all the time.

Using Newspaper for Grappling

          When we had grasps the normal way and making sure we hold at the correct area. The area of holding is a quarter  from the end. That means  one end will have a quarter  the other will have three quarter. Holding this way will make the fragile paper become harder. When  we have correct the way of holding now the paper are ready and can be used as an effective destructive weapon.

Newspaper for Hitting When Assaulted By Knife

         It doesn’t stop there  having a knowledge of holding we must as well know the point or vulnerable area for the purpose. The point of area for hitting and a simple technique for grappling. Because we don’t have much time unless we  finish it quickly when defending incurred .If can get it finish as soon as possible much better. Using newspaper or magazine not only in empty hand combat but is suitable for protection from assault weapons. Overall  the sharing of the knowledge are very useful and well received by all trainees.

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