Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eresin Hotel

Eresin Hotel Topkapi, Istanbul
            Upon arrival at Atartuk Airport, Istanbul, as usual we must passed through custom and immigration check point. I don't know what when wrong, few of the dancer team from Kedah were detained for further investigations. We were waiting for them at the airport arrival lobby , and at last they were released and what a relieved to the rest of the team. After asking what happen, and what did the airport immigration and custom question them and was told that they are suspected a smuggler. a big laughed throw from all of the team.

            After inspecting everyone is there by our team leader we are taken by bus to Eresin Hotel. The Eresin Hotel situated in the heart of the old city in the famous Topkapi area and its about 20 minutes by car from the Atartuk Airport.

           We check in , and my room number are 202. I shared the room with Cikgu Fadzil. Everyone went to their designated room and I can see from the face, all of them look exhausted. I took the chance to lay myself on the bed before going for a shower and Cikgu Fadzil does the same thing. Upon leaning we did discuss the upcoming event that we gone to participate in 5 days time.Since we arrive in Istanbul in the evening so we just stay at the hotel resting and eating . It was cold outside due to its already end of  autumn and winter starting to take over.I went to bed quite early that day at about 10pm and so does my roommate.

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