Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Mauritians

            The arrival of Silat Seni Gayong at Mauritius were highlighted in a local newspaper. It was great to let the people know about the art that there never heard. I met a Taekwando master by the name of Asyek, he is a good men working with the police department as an inspector. He invited me for a dinner that I join him at evening. He has a great family and the warm well coming from all of the family are awesome. I met his father there, at the age of 80 , he is still strong. They are one of the muslim Indian family in Mauritius , his father practice ayurvedha. His father told me , to avoid stroke we must breath properly and do exercises.The exercise is simple just turn your neck in round and make a count as much as you can and change to the other side and repeat the same motion. That was a great knowledge.

Fish market
            Too many people I met while I am in Maurice (in French). Most of them invited me for a lunch , a dinner , a chat and I feel very comfortable just like home. Thanks to all this families for their warmest and family treat. Thanks to the family of Rafique which I called him Taro, to Jelanis where his friend called him two wife, to Teemul . to Yassin  and all the people who knew me, its too many that I have forgotten some. Sorry its not on purpose.

           Most of the families here living together , they have their grandfather,father, brothers and even if they are married they still living at the same house.Their house are divided into several rooms for all the families to have their private life even though if they are single or married.This make the family ties are strong and the relationship are tremendous.

traditional shop
               Majorities of the people I met are Indian Muslim and they are family traders which has been passed through generations.Living together surrounding are the Creole, they are the black African and most of them are fisherman. Amongst the nation of Mauritius they are the poorest and the laziest community. Beside that we have Chinese , although the community are small but manage to be a successfull  traders. One things that was really surprised me that the Chinese communities here cant speak their mother tongue, they only speak French, English and Creole.

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