Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Before The Opening Ceremony

            Today we are taken to the venue that we are gone to perform. Its about an hour drive from the hotel due to traffic congestion. It is a trade center for a car exhibition which are organized by JetPa Turkey Limited. The owner of JetPa  Turkey Limited are the second richest men in Turkey. Its normal in Turkey when they organised an event they always "sedekah" ( alms) to the poor and the food that are prepared for the poor starts from 10am until 4pm in the evening. This was a great deed contributed by the rich to the poor.

          Upon reached the place and when we step our foot out from the bus , we are surrounded by a group of poor children asking for an alms. Some of us did give them a hand and some don't. Out of all the children I was touch by one that only wearing a round neck t-shirt with a hole shoe. And I wonder how does he manage himself in this freezing temperature. It was really sad, to see how poor they are.

          At that time it hop in my mind the poor using a tiny tree as their shelter and covered them self with a blanket to warm their body.No wonder I saw a lot of body covered with blanket under a tree when night is coming. I wish they will have a better life in future.

         So we were taken to our section in the complex where we will perform. We were given a briefing of the program and the opening ceremony will be inaugurated by Minister of Trade Malaysia, Dato' Rafidah Aziz.
Shoe Shining  Near The Trade Complex

Shoe Shine Gadget

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