Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Windmill of Skerries

           We can see windmill at Holland and I was not thinking of seeing one in Ireland. It was amazing as I found it here and my thought reversing the history how significant the mill during the centuries. The Skerries Mills Complex is unique in that it comprises a watermill 5-sail windmill, 4-sail windmill and associated mill races, mill pond and wetlands all in one location. The history of the mill can be traced to the early 16th century. Located in the seaside town of Skerries about 30km north of Dublin City.  Skerries is something of an isthmus, bounded on the west by the Dublin-Belfast railway and to the east by Irish Sea. The sea air is invigorating, with a great community, walkways and beautiful panorama of a fisherman town. 

The Milestones
The Grinding Stone
The Windmill of Skerries

           The mills Skerries were used for grinding corn, wheat, oats and barley. The mechanical engineered was using the wind power complimenting water power in the times of drought. There are three set of grinding stones in the Skerries watermill, powered by an overshot waterwheel. A large mill pond controlled by a series of sluice-gates feeds the water to the mill. The four floors are served by two bag-hoists; winnowers and a blower are located above the stone floor and below the hoppers in the top loft. The Skerries windmill are both tower-mills, where the cap or top of the mill is turned to the wind. The older of the two mills rises to 12.2 metres and is perched on the site of prehistoric fort, the highest point in the town. The cap is thatched and turned into the wind from inside by a hand lever. The Great Windmill of Skerries commands magnificent views of the coast and surrounding countryside. The mill demonstrates a clean and efficient use of water and wind power and a rare survival of the past centuries. Located at the complex as well is the cafe which offer a large range of loose leaf teas, speciality coffee, gift shops selling wide range of souvenirs and information’s centre.

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