Monday, November 22, 2010

The European Site

            We are informed today by the liaison officer that we are going to the European site of Istanbul. We will leave the hotel at about 9am. A bus will take us there, the journey to the European site will take about  an hour due to the traffic movement. The team will be accompanied by a tourist guide by the name of Yushak. He will be our guide for this trip.

            We will be passing through the Sea of Marmara by a bridge that connecting the two continents which are called The Golden Horn. Upon reaching the European site you can see the designed of a house is different . According to the guide most of the rich people of Istanbul lived there. If compared to the Asian site which are more historical look, the European site offers modern features living style..

At The European Site

            We were taken to a hill to view the panorama of Istanbul from European site. At the hill there's a traditional hut , occupied by a group of old women showing the art of making traditional bread. They are dress typically as a  middle class Turkish women.
A Turkish Women Making Traditional Bread
             From the hill we can view the Sea of Marmara and the old city of Istanbul on the East site.It was a spectacular panorama where west meets east. A view you can't  find at any other places.

A Glimpse of The Sea of Marmara
             The guide mention to us that we are very near to the border of Bulgaria, in an about 2 hours drive we can reached there. That's how centered Istanbul are located and no wonder it has been  a land of struggle historically.

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