Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blue Mosque

At Blue Mosque
           Upon strolling the streets of Istanbul finally we end up at Blue Mosque. Blue Mosque or Sultanahmet Mosque are commissioned by Sultan Ahmed 1 while he was 19 years old.Construction were began in the year 1609 and took seven years to complete.

          The mosque was designed by architect Mehmet Aga. The original constructed building are inclusive of madrasa, a hospital, a han, a primary school, a market, an imaret and a tomb of he founder, but it was torn down in 19th century.

          One of the most notable features of Blue Mosque is visible from far away its six minarets.The other striking feature of the exterior is the beautiful arranged cascade of domes that seem to spill down from the great central dome

         Inside the high ceiling is  lined with 20,000 blue tiles that gave the mosque its popular name.One thing great about the interior is that the air ventilation system, where during the century candles are used to light the mosque and not a single smoke dust cant be found by the wall. This was awesome and amazing.

inside Blue Mosque


  1. wah....
    yg byk2 kt luar 2 ape...??
    kerusi ek?

  2. mana tak lengang khas tuk sy je..heheehe

  3. hahhaha.....mmg xde org lngsung ke??

  4. ade je kebetulan masa tu pn ramai yg menju kepintu masuk hehe..tu kat taman nya..


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