Friday, November 12, 2010

Duel With The Tai Chi Master

          At one time while I was teaching  Seni Gayong class at  Plaine Verte . That day too many people attend the training , its about 60 of them with various ranged of age. We had started the training about an hour and I have given a break to the student for about 10 minutes to refresh what they have learned. While making my round , the class has been visited by a Tai Chi master. At first he is just observing  how is the training was conducted .

         While I was sitting at the stage observing how my students are doing , he started to comparing the techniques of Tai Chi with Seni Gayong. He called upon one of my student and starting to choked him. And asked my student to counter or escape from his choking. Definitely my student will get choked because he is new in this arts. After trying he could not escape, so he asked the teenager to choked him. I was looking from the stage, and when he was choked , he make some movements,  moving the motion of his body from right to left and the grip of the hand to his neck was released. Its like been pushed, and the power of chi he generate in the movement are great.

           I was surprised as well , I had  friends back in Malaysia  who are a Tai Chi master  too, but I have not seen this kind of techniques before. From my view this Tai Chi master are good and are a real master. From the view of a martial artist when someone comes to your class and showing some moves to your students that means that they are trying to share the knowledge of his art and comparing with what he has learned.

          So I called my student that had an experience been choking by the Tai Chi master. I show him some simple technique and asked him to try again to choked the Tai Chi  master. He did as he was told, this time the Tai Chi master cant escape and he kept trying until he got frustrated and he asked the student to released him. And at that time my pride has returned and Gayong as well. After the test of psychology , the master stay a side and just view the training until the end of the session.And we became  friend until today.

View of Port Louis from the Old Fortress

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