Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkish Food

            Turkey is rightly famed for its cuisine, which is rich and savory, not particularly spicy hot, with abundant use of vegetables.Though based on lamb and mutton, Turkish cuisine includes beef and chicken, as well as all sorts of seafood.  

Turkish Grilled Mackerel
Turkish Fried Calamari
            The most common preparations are grilling and roasting, which produce the famous Turkish kebabs, including doner kebab, the national dish and kofte, the workingman's  favourite. The most familiar Turkish kebab is shish kebab , chunks of lamb roasted on a skewer. To make it best we do need Turkish free range lamb, a true charcoal grill, and the knack for getting the outside singed while the inside of each chunk remains soft and succulent.

Turkish Shish Kebab

             Bread is bake fresh every morning for breakfast and lunch, and afternoon and dinner, and various from the common sourdough loaf to rounds of leavened pide to flaps of paper thin lavas.
Turkish Bread
           When serving Turkish food , Turkish Meze is the best when serving in a group. Turkish Meze featuring dozens of delicious and varied crudites, salads, purees, pickles, vinaigrettes, cheeses, fruits, fritters, boreks, vegetables and meats.

Turkish Mezes


  1. hahahha...
    ape la cikgu ni....
    snang x cari mknan yg halal cikgu kt sane?

  2. smua halal kalau kat Istanbul..Turkey kan negara Islam..


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