Friday, November 26, 2010

The Big Day

To The Exhibitions Centre On The Launching Of Proton Cars
            The moment we are waiting for commence today.It was Nov 1997, first time Proton are launching  their cars for Turkey market. Everyone is getting ready preparing themselves for the opening ceremony. The VIP  will arrived at 10am and the opening ceremony will be inaugurated by Dato Sri Rafidah Aziz, Minister of Trade Malaysia.

            My task are to perform a welcoming "bunga" ( flower) in silat to warm the guest of honor  and leaping through 15 units of Modenas Motorcycles. While my colleague Cikgu Fadzil will be riding a Modenas Motorcycle blind folded. As usual the group dancer from Kedah will perform the Malaysian traditional dance and the professional driver and stuntman will show handling of the Proton Cars live to the audience. And  how daring when they drift the cars and motorcycles.

           The event was aired through out Europe and Malaysia via RTM. I still remember after the event I got a call from a friend back home informing me that I was seen in a news by RTM performing silat in Istanbul. The event run smoothly and the organizer satisfied with our overall  performances. We are not finish yet, we still have a demonstration in the coming day until end of the exhibitions.

Traffic Jammed In Istanbul Opposite The Exhibitions Centre

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