Saturday, November 13, 2010

Food In Mauritius

            Anywhere I travel when spreading Silat Seni Gayong, I romping around on the food. Mauritius is a mix of culture and also of cuisine. The Mauritian food has it origin from three continents. Mauritian cuisine is mixture of Creole, Chinese,European and Indian. Tomatoes are an essential element for Creole dishes, while garlic,chillies.ginger are other ingredients opted by Mauritius people to dish their epicurean delights.
            In Mauritius the Briyani is a famous around the Indian dish. You can find restaurant serving all kinds of Briyanis. In serving a Briyani you need a rice,aromatic spice, meat and oil. While the Chinese cooking are with the mixture of sauce delighted the serving which are common in their fish and seafood dish. We can find as well in the streets a lot of  food shop selling French bread or delicatessen.
            The food are so cheap where in the street you can get it around  RM2.50 per serving of Briyani and in a full plate.The cooking are various such as Octopus Salad, Garlic Prawns, Beef  Briyani, Samosa ,Mines Frire ( its a kind of noodles) and a lot of varieties to choose.

Lobster are serve mainly in a hotels or restaurant

samosa stalls in the street of Port Louis  

Indian dishes, rice with curry

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  1. wow!delicious food!i'm craving for those foods our Veranda Palmar Beach Mauritius stay, we had the chance to tour around Mauritius and eat delicious foods..


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