Friday, November 5, 2010

Where Are You......

      Since I taught them , we have lost contact. The news that I heard that Hichem continuing teaching various martial arts discipline in Kuwait and I have seen his video that was published in you tube. My feeling that felt proud of him  because his still teaching although its not hundred percent Gayong. May he doing well in his activities and hope one day of seeing him again. I do remember now that if  I am not mistaken it was year 1991 he came back to Malaysia looking for me and during that time I was busy traveling in and out the country. He left me a watch by the brand of citizen which I kept until today. Thank you my student Hichem.
     And as per Lotf I have not heard from him since then. I was in Tunisia last few years but due to my tight schedule I have no chance trying to contact him. I guess I have totally lost contact with him but I do hope his doing his best in whatever he venture too.
     To both of my students I do proud of you and hoping someday we can meet and have the fun together. Be proud of who you are and happy with what you are doing.
Hichem (left) , Lotf (right )


  1. anak didik cigu da berjaya dalam mengembangkan seni mempertahankan diri..Alhamdulillah segala usaha cikgu dah menampakkan hasil..semoga Allah merahmati cikgu..

  2. insyallah ,terima kasih atas doa kamu.. kita ini buat Gayong bersama tanpa sokongan semua pihak tidak akan berjaya segala hajat yang hendak di tuju...zattt


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