Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First Training

           The first training was conducted at the backyard of the "spooky" house that I am staying. At the back of the house there's a swimming poll and enough space for a introductory training. In this early training not many attended due to the schedule has not been adjusted yet. Raffique and Yassin Owadally came for the first training.

            In the first training they are taught the basics movement of the Silat Seni Gayong art. Its easy to train them because they have the experience in martial arts. Raffique had a chance to learned Kokushinkai Karate and holder of a black belt and qualified to teach. He , himself are an instructor in the art. As per Yassin he is an instructor in Tai Chi and Shando boxing , its a Chinese kind of a martial arts.

           The training took about two solid hours and  Yassin was not a patient man as he wanted to have all the knowledge as quickly as he can. I told him silat is not like other martial arts , it might look similar but the method are not the same , it take sometimes to understand although you have a martial arts background.Overall the training ended in a harmony and friendly martial artist code of honour.

Raffique and Yassin in training performing Bunga Tanjong

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