Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Oriental House

            Tonight we will be going out for a  dinner at The Oriental House Restaurant. Table has been booked for all the team for tonight. The team leader announced  by 7 pm in the evening everyone must gather at the lobby. It's going to be a special dinner , since we were in Istanbul.

            Oriental House Restaurant are a famous eating place for the visitor at Istanbul. To get a table you must booked in an advance. Every night the place are fully booked and the visitors came from various country. When we make the booking , its a compulsory to state where we are from. The restaurant need to know in order to prepare the table and the flag that we present.

            What so famous about Oriental House is that, they provide culture show from Turkey different ethnics and  area , while the visitors are having their dinner, and what more stunning the evening spokesman will sing a folk song from each country that attending the dinner that night. At the end of the dinner we can have our photo taken with the traditional dancer whether wearing the traditional costumes that are ready to be rent and each photo we have to pay US 5.00. It was an entertaining night and everyone really enjoy the performance.

Belly Dancing Are Part Of The Show At Oriental House

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