Sunday, November 28, 2010


            From the earliest days of Islam , some Muslims have been attracted to mystical interpretations of their religion. In Turkey , at least since the thirteenth century Islamic mysticism has been expressed through participation of Sufi brotherhoods that serve as centers  of  spiritual and social life. The term Sufi  derives from the Arabic suf, which means wool. Early Muslim used the term Sufi  to refer to fellow  believers who wore simple woolen garments to demonstrate their rejection of materialism and worldly temptations and their devotion to a life of asceticism and prayer.

Sufism In Istanbul 

             Eventually , some Sufis who had required  reputations for their learning and piety attracted disciples who aspired  to learn from and emulate this Sufis  masters. Initially , sufi  followers were like students whose bond to Sufi teacher were based on personal loyalty. Since the twelth century, however, most Sufis  have organized themselves into orders brotherhoods that follow the teachings of a particular  Sufi  master.

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