Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Invitation

           I still remember it was way back 13 years ago. I got a called from Cikgu Fadzil from University Malaya inviting me to participate in a demonstration in Istanbul , Turkey. I need to confirm immediately because we gone to leave within a week.In the team that will fly to Turkey are a dance group from Kedah, RTM ( Radio Tv Malaysia), Silat Seni Gayong and a daredevil motorist from the PDRM ( Royal Police of Malaysia) and not forgotten a professional driver and rider.

          The purpose of we going to Istanbul is for a launching of Proton Cars and Modenas ( Malaysian Motorbike). We are sponsored by a company name as JetPa Malaysia Sdn Bhd, which had an associate in Turkey by the name of JetPa Turkey Limited.

          Its still in my mind that we have to wait at the city center , and a bus will take  us to the airport.During the year, Subang Airport are still the major international airport. We took Singapore Airline for our trip to Istanbul.

           I will performed Silat Seni Gayong to international visitors during the opening ceremonies. On the plane I took this chance to discuss with Cikgu Fadzil on what we are going to perform on that date.We have make some preliminary sketch of the demo for that event. The flight took about 10 hours and finally we arrived safely in Istanbul.

Atartuk  Airport Istanbul

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