Saturday, November 27, 2010

Istanbul Street Market

            Its a lovely day , we had a chance to make another round at Istanbul. Today we follow the pathways to Beyazit Area towards the Bhosporus Straits. Passing by a wet market selling Turkish agriculture products, we can see fresh vegetables and house products for daily consume. As usual echo between the seller calling the passing by customers.

            Walking straight down the hill, it will take us to the fresh fish center . We can get fresh fish here which are caught from Sea of Marmara. To go around the open market it might take us at lease 2 hours because the market have such a long lane.

Istanbul Street Market    
Istanbul Fish Market
            Sharing the market activities together side by side, crammed full with restaurants, souvenir stalls and other necessity for daily used. From dusk till way past  this street market is always lively and colourful.

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