Friday, September 13, 2013

Tuatha Penz Bazh

Tuatha Penz Bazh is a Gaelic word means stick or staff whether long, short or small. In Silat Seni  Gayong these kind of material are categories in the art of Seni Simbat. Whether a baton up to the shoulder, or a length of the elbow or hips and anything related to wood are part of Silat Seni Gayong varieties of weapons. The philosophies of the art are flipping, depending on kind of staff used. Different staff will show the different kind of techniques of handling.

There is also a staff that are attach with a blade at the end and it was called Lembing,Tombak. Even a staff that attach with a chain and at the end of the chain sharp blade meant for swinging and attacking at a certain distance. There are only parts of varieties of weapons that are purposely attach or solely from woods or anything that related to the forest. 


In Silat Seni Gayong and in the Malay Archipelago the staff are collected material made from rattan which are widely can be found in the forest or some special wood or rattan so called Nibung. Those kind of material is more hardened and long lasting and can withstand an attack from sharp machete as an example. When collected, it will be prepared in a special way so that it lasts. It will be smoked and soaked in oil to give resistance to the rattan. There are varieties of rattan species found and each are different kind of hardness and resistance .

In Silat Seni Gayong these art of staff are inclusive of grappling, locking and striking , whether by a single or double depends on the specifications of the said material. Started with a knowledge in handling, avoiding, training in pairs, grappling, locking and striking, staff with other weapons such as machete etc. From top to bottom, horizontal and vertical, side by side and intersects etc. Handling in stances, high, medium and low, even controlling the staff when making a rolling and jumping etc  Overall the understanding of this staff are a package on every aspects of the art of the stick in order for a better application when confronted or handling it.

Understanding the philosophy of the art from various angle of handling and avoiding. Shifting the hands and fingers in agility speed making sure of the energy generated are properly done when performing a strike or any applications .Never to forget the size of the staff, the length, the diameter which are applicable differently on each individual .Finding the art of the stick is a great treasure of knowledge and the tradition. It  should be preserved as it would be one of the greatest weapons of the martial arts practice.

Semoga kita semua diberkati.

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