Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gayong In Toowoomba

            On my odyssey to the land of Kangaroo, I was invited to a friend house living in Darling Downs, Toowoomba. His name is Ismail, he still continuing his studies at the University of Southern Queensland. We had a great dinner and started discussing about setting a Silat Seni Gayong club at the university. Ismail's showing his eagerness to set the club and he will bring this matter to the authorize department for further discussion. For me it's my pleasure to assist him and hoping that Silat Seni Gayong will be accepted as a club at the university.
           While waiting for the cause , I take the opportunity to view some of the martial arts club at the university or in the county. I did found a few , such as Kenpo Karate, Jujitsu, Tai Chi , but not silat. If we can make this happen Gayong will be the founder of silat at Toowoomba.
Chikara Martial Arts in Training
Taoist and Tai Chi Society In Toowoomba
             Ismail took this chance to learn some moves from me, and the training continued while I'm there. While looking for more martial arts club I come across a shop selling martial arts equipment.
Martial Arts Shop
Training at Japanese Garden
           Life is very dull at Toowoomba , the town was made for the pensioner or senior people, majority the community are old. And for the teenager they had to find a means of entertainment and wile with activities. But the environment and gladden makes any visitor feel the warmest of this hilly town.

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