Friday, December 24, 2010

Gayong Tunisia Training

            Leisure and training, as usual the students take the opportunity training with me. They wishes to feel training conducted by me.  About 25 students turn up for the training, consists of various range of ages. Seven of them are at the age under 12 and the rest are teenager and senior personnel. Training with us at the same time and date are Karate practitioners. We are located at the back hall while them at the front hall separated by a wall.

           The warming up exercise are conducted by Donia , a working lady and I wanted her to assist on the warming up because I wanted her to be prepared to be an instructors. It took her about 30 minutes to finish the routine and to perspire all the students. Its my turn , since that the class are consists of various ages , so I have to round the students into few groups according to their level.
In Training

           We started up the fundamental movements, fall from the the basics exercise as we named it " Senaman Anak Harimau Satu " . All the students that attended the training was stunt upon hearing my command and they felt enthusiastic by it. According to their word , straight hair are felt all over the body and my sound of command are like a roar of a tiger. This the first time they had these kind of affect and they felt very excited , and made their adrenalin running high. Their excitement does not stop there, but was shared by others spectators who soundly heard of the volume of the direction and the roaring.
         We continued by the techniques of grappling and avoiding attack. I signify and stabilize what they have learn previously from their instructor Wadie Zoghlamy , which are my students. Make the students exhilarated and experiencing live training with the so called Malay instructor. Most of the students take the time to ask a questions, which they have doubt all this time and definitely they got satisfactory answer.

Greeting Each Others

          Nevertheless, we finish the training with a brotherhood camaraderie and the infinite satisfaction of the training received. As usual everywhere I teach we will end up at a coffee shop at the end of the session chatting and laughing , which make we feel near and comfort, feeling as brothers and sisters of Silat Seni Gayong, thats the main course of it. The unification and brotherhood of Gayong.


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