Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Black Panther Odyssey To The Land Of Hannibal

            In year 2005 , I plan my trip to Tunisia. After a few email exchanging and phone called finally I decided to fly to the land of Hannibal, Tunisia. Before flying over to Tunis, I stopped at Damascus, because my student Yahya Alam from Damascus wanted to come along. For me Damascus is not extraneous, I have been there almost every year. It was spring that time and the weather is good.

           Upon reaching Damascus, both of us booked a ticket on Tunisair. Tunisair is a national carrier for Tunisia. We booked the noon flight and expected to reached Tunis in the evening. What surprising me with Tunisair is the hospitality they serve during the flight. It was shook of the day, and I have not had this kind of   experiences through my frequent flying with any airlines. , a shameful behavior shown by the air hostess. It's happen when the air hostess serve a meal on board, and unlucky passenger was asking a beef meal instead of a chicken. And I was shocked to hear that the air hostess scolded him and told him that that they only have chicken and if you want it you can have it, that's all we have and she threw the meal tray to the meal holder at the seat. This is very rude attitude and I was stunt with the mannerism.


          Anyway we landed safely at Tunis Airport. Waiting for us at the airport are my student Wadie Zoghlami and his brother. We were taken to his another brothers house about an hour drive from the airport to spend our night there. At that time its already 7pm in the evening, my jetlag from my previous traveling has not been adjusted. I have got used of it since, that I have been traveling all over the continents since the last 10 years. It was  a good experience gaining, if we had a lot of places to visit and interest , and for myself spreading Silat Seni Gayong to the world are my pleasure. I did this because I wanted Gayong to stand as same level as other martial arts and obtain the same recognitions as others or even better. Therefor as my promised to the late Founder Meor Abdul Rahman and his beneficiary of trust the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom to spread Silat Seni Gayong to the world is not and easy task. I think I try to did my level best and beyond my power to do so , on my on expenses due to the love of this art.

         Upon reaching the house I was put at the hall for me to sleep, while my students Yahya Alam and Wadie Zoghlami  were located at a room. For me any where that I can lay my head and take a good sleep , will do find, for as long as my mission to spread Gayong accomplished. That night I went to sleep quite early around 10am, although I can said that I'm sleeping but I still heard of my two students talking until I guess 4am in the morning.

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