Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sidi Bou Said

            Located 20km north east of Tunis. Sidi Bou Said got its name from Abou Said ibn Khalief, is a blue and white village, gaily perched on the cliff overlooking the Bay of Tunis.Following the cobblestone streets winding upwards we will catch the glimpse of the emerald sea with the mountain of Bou Kornine and the southern beaches of Tunis across the Bay.

           We visited Sidi Bou Said in the evening, seems that it was spring and it getting dark a little earlier. Upon reaching Sidi Bou Said the place is already turning into a night walkway. Although its at night but the visitors keep coming to feel the different scenery of the place.

           We had a drink at Cafe de Nattes, sip and sit a green tea with mint while laughing and chatting. I still remember my students Wadie Zoghlami making an order when the waiter asked upon it. He asked for a Red Tea , me and Yahya Alam my other students laughed and making that as a joke that night. What ever we talked about definitely the Red Tea things comes out. And those joke continuing over and over until we really satisfied for the laughter.

           Cafe de Nattes is a cafe at the sloop of of Sidi Bou Said. A must stopped place for anyone visited the place and its a place of relax while having a green tea . Its not easy to get a sit at this cafe , you have to queue due to the main attracted and great location at the place.

Enjoying Green Tea At Cafe de Nattes

          What make Sidi Bou Said so  attractive is that is still a living village.Many of the inhabitants work with international and national visitors, but usually they are local families with long histories here . The thing about Sidi Bou Said is that you have to climb to the top to get access to the sea below. Or we may enjoy the stunning views over the Gulf of Tunis, flanked by the mountains behind Hammam Lif.
The Blue Door, Attraction of The Village

          At the foot of the cliffs lies the Port of Sidi  Bou Said , a modern marina with restaurants and hotels. The marina is quite good, and walking around we will pass a couple of yachts big as houses.The stairs going down the mountain where the village itself lies, goes through green and luscious vegetation. The best thing to do here is relaxing while having tea at one of  their nice cafes .

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