Monday, December 6, 2010

Japanese Garden

            Toowoomba known as The Garden City, and due to the fame a Japanese Garden was built to signify varieties of confrontment  of garden in the world. The Japanese Garden was built at the backyard of The University of Southern Queensland and the gate to the garden are used as a back entrance to the university area.
Toowoomba Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden
         In the garden we can find a layout of he Japanese Garden that built in Japan. There's a pond, a kap fish, a  Japanese garden bridge and anything that related to Japanese nature of garden.

         Upon visiting the garden I was surprised by a group of a bat hanging on the tree looking like a cocoon. It was a huge kind of a bat and you couldn't see the leaf , which was covered by their swings.

Hanging Bat
Looking Like An Ant Den
           Joining the surrounding in the garden are the only Australian Magpie. The Magpie bird are akin of the crow. An according to the local folks Magpie Bird are vicious and attack people . There are cases where children has been attacked by this bird. The Magpie of Australia has at least a white colour fur compared to their cousin crow that are usually black.

Australian Magpie Bird
The Magpie

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