Friday, December 10, 2010

Houses At Toowoomba

            In Queensland the variety architectural styles is less than in the older, richer and more populous southern States.In consequences, it works well to talk of Toowoomba's heritage as belong to one and other of just eight styles.These styles are, The Colonial House, The Cottage, The Early Gabled House, The Larger Early House, The Federation House, The Queensland Bungalow, The Custom Bungalow, The Bungalow along Southern Lines.

           Toowoomba heritage housing is outstanding, and after Brisbane no city in the State has such a wide variety of such high quality.Yet while many fine examples  remain it is also true that no city after Brisbane has lost so many of the good buildings its once had.

           Today the importance of heritage houses is appreciated on several levels. First of all heritage houses are home to many people and secondly , it is clear that much of the city's  character derives from its heritage features. Because heritage houses are such an important of what make Toowoomba the pleasing place it is

Toowoomba's Heritage House
Toowoomba's Middle Modern  House
Toowoomba's Modern House
Various of Houses Old And New In Toowoomba


  1. heritage haouse 2 lbh kurang mcm kt m'sia je..
    mcm istana dulu2...

  2. serupa design macam di Afrika Selatan dan ada lagi di beberapa tempat


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