Tuesday, December 14, 2010


            Tunisia is a magnificent country with a large scale culture and historical appeal. Tunisia is located at the northern most point of the African continent . Its a small country and all destinations within Tunisia can be reached in a day's drive. Tunisia is covered by mountains in the northern part and flat land in the south. Tunisia is bordered in the southeast by Libya and in the west by Algeria. Most of the populations are concentrated in the northern parts and in the south are left lonely which is composed of the Sahara desert.

            Most of the people speak Arabic , but French are widely spoken. Most Tunisian are bilingual and speak both  languages. Only a small percentage speak Berber , and English and Italian are commonly spoken especially in the commercial activities.

         About 99% of the populations is Muslim, although have a minority Christian, which is made up of Roman Catholics, members of the Greek Orthodox Church, and French and English Protestants. In addition there is a small population of Sephardic Jews living in Tunisia.
       Tunis as the capital of Tunisia, and a culture center which you can found at Medina ( old town ) . Generally it is a combination of souvenir shops  and historical archeological structures. Medina is like common Arabs country which are popular Arabs bazaar or souks. The souks generally selling bargain items such as wonderful local crafts, including olive wood carvings. embroidered clothing , enameled jeweler and woven and knotted carpets. Also can be found Berber handmade crafts such as silver bracelets and necklace, ceramics tiles and pottery, engraved cooper and brass articles, leather ware , antiques, statues and ancient coins.
       Tunisia has many interesting place to visit , a place of  historic and magnificent panorama facing the Mediterranean sea and entertainment and knowledgeable interest. A place like Sidi bol Said where beautiful structure and design of houses facing the Mediterranean. Hammamet  a coastline for relaxing and enjoy the cozy climates and ancient mosques ,and  ruined of the Romans and the nature and life of  the Bedouin Berber.

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