Thursday, December 16, 2010

City of Tunis

            Day started early for me today, although I haven't sound asleep last night but I woke up with  a full of energetic zest. Looking at the corridor seeing people passing by and have some geographical moment at the place I'm staying, cause unable to do it upon arriving last night. We are going to the city, Tunis the capital of Tunisia , this morning  to have our view of the most northern African country.

           We took a taxi , and about 15 to 20 minute we reached the capital city. As normal the structure and arrangements of the shops here are not less than the country that have been colonized this northern Arabs , the French. Most of the set up much French and I was told that French influence in their life and political are so great.

At The Back Is Ibn Batutta's  Statue
           Typical French life style and most of Mediterranean states, where they have cafe at the pathways , people sitting , chatting along the way. A common description you can see in Tunis like any other Mediterranean neighboring country. The people are lovely , the building are French architecture leverage, and you feel the cozy of the city .

          I was taken to the gymnasium where Gayong had their training. It was rented gym and the administration of the gym taking care of all the necessary things for the gym user from the fees until the facility. I heard that the gym charge for the used of the facility around 60 Tunisian Dinar per person. And this fees is share with the instructor who conducted a class there. From the entrance we can see Van Damn picture as a signboard of the gymnasium. It is very convenience because it's located in the middle of the city and by side of a tramp line. In the gym everything were provided from locker, shower, hall etc for the satisfaction of the users.

          All day I spend time with the student of Silat Seni Gayong and have a chat and drink at a restaurants about 10 minutes from the gym and talking about Gayong history and so on. After office , many came to join the meeting and we sit at the cafe until 7pm getting to know each other and everyone trying to participate to make the group more alive. Everyone dispersed after the introductory session and leaving one by one back to their home.

        We took a taxi again , and what surprised me that the taxi driver didn't know the location of our house. And its becomes more confused , my students Wadie Zoghlami which are local Tunisian are tribulate of the way to the house. I have to take action and lucky that I have memories the way when we are going to the city in the morning. We reached the house safely and for me me it was and embarrassing moment for the taxi driver. Therefor we must prepared for uncertainty circumstances.

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