Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cobb & Co Museum

            The best place to find about the culture and history of a place is the museum. I visited Cobb & Co Museum in Toowoomba. At Cobb & Co Museum you can track Queensland Heritage Trail Network. Interactive world of exhibitions that tell more of the character stories and history of the Darling Downs region.

            At the museum we can enjoy a wide variety of displays including traveling exhibitions , area dedicated to Darling Downs and local indigenous history , a children's activities center and cafe.
           We can discover a wealth of  information about the people , the history and the natural and built environment of the Darling Downs, in the era where coaches and horses were the lifeline of the settlements.
           The Cobb & Co Museum is renowned as the home of Australia's finest collection of horse drawn coaches and carriages .

Horse Coaches
Windmill Outside Cobb & Co Museum

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