Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Berbers Of Tunisia

            Essentially the Berbers were a nomadic people who roamed the lands of Tunisia, Libya, Morocco and Algeria, following the seasons over their time honoured route. Berbers comprise a clear majority of the population of North Africa in terms of race , but in terms of identity, a considerable minority.

            The Berber communities are scattered around in the North African countries. They often lived in a mountains and in smaller settlements.The Berbers village in Tunisia are mainly in the Southern part of the country. The hilltop villages are a good example of their wish for protection against invaders , show the initial development of semi-permanent communal living , and the underground villages which were established to provide protection from the heat of this dry arid land.  There are around 300 local dialects among the Berbers. Berbers are Muslim but there are many traditional practice found among them. Throughout history Berbers have founded several dynasties such as Numidia , Carthage , Almohads and strong enough to threaten countries in Europe.

Berbers Village
           Berbers are as good as many carpets producer. Their handmade carpets are thick and made of long hair sheep wool. They are white or beige with or without motives. Motives are in warm colour and various shapes , but generally discreet.

Berbers Woman In Traditional Tent
           Overall Berbers once ruled the Northern land of Africa. Their mixed and evolutions between the nation has made Berbers who live scattered across North Africa whose genetically different from their neighbours are not well established. But one thing for sure that the Berbers has contribute in many ways in history , culture , nations in the Northern Land Of North Africa.


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