Thursday, December 2, 2010

Brisbane, Australia

            It may be Australia's third largest city. But fresh experiences, fresh adventures and afresh approach to life, that's Brisbane is all about. It's a city where the air is filled with optimism and a sense of adventure is heavy on the ground. It is a city with innovative and vibrant edge, a modern, free spirited outlook and a determination to do things that just a little bit differently.It's about down to earth experiences without the sky high expense, it's about hedonistic pleasures without the pretension.It's an outdoor amaze, from pristine beaches to lush mountains hideaways, with a place full with where feeling alive comes naturally.
          Brisbane the capital of Queensland is located in the south eastern corner of that state. Queensland also known as the sunshine state is Australia second largest state. The city of Brisbane is bordered on three sides by the Brisbane River and is located approximately  15km from Brisbane Airport.
Brisbane Footpath

The City From Brisbane River
Brisbane Theatre

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