Friday, December 17, 2010

First Silat Seni Gayong Grading

            As plan earlier I will conduct a grading for the first time, for the student of Silat Seni Gayong Tunisia. My student Wadie Zoghlami which had been appointed as an instructor by me will have his students tested by, whether they are qualified to wear Red Belt ( bengkong pelangi merah kosong), Green Belt ( bengkong pelangi hijau) or White Belt ( bengkong awan puith). Wadie Zoghlami had a training in Silat Seni Gayong solely by myself since last few years back. The day he started training with me at Malaysia , and continuing training with me when he is back home. Now he is producing his own students and a blessing from me on his act.

           The history is making, because the first time Gayong really spread its wings in the land of Tunisia. Before this in the late year of 1979 and 1988 , there's a Tunisian learned Silat Seni Gayong but the outcome of students are not that drastic as this time. The test went smoothly and overall the students did their level best to perform in the test.

The Grading
          Although there are still a lot of loop holes in training to cover up especially in the art of jumping and leaping and on the avoiding techniques and the fundamental stances and movements, but for a beginner they have done their best and I am hopping in future they do event better.

The Grading
              At the end of the grading session, the students who sit for the test hoovering in their mind whether they had make it or not. While I counting the result they talked to each other on their performance. Although I don't understand what they are murmuring about, but from their face I know that they are impatient to get the result. As the calculations is over and I'm ready to make the announcement. Everyone keeping silence concentrating them self on what my comments are on the recent grading. Finally each of the students grinned , of the result they are getting and I did make some speech to motivated them to do even better in training and grading on the coming future and congratulate to those who has pass the test and a great experience for the new students that attended the session together.

           Once the announcements had been made , we immediately discussed the ceremony of handing over the belt for those who had passed. They are in a hurry because they wanted to take the opportunity while I'm around to commensurate the belt convey ceremony. I just looked upon the temperament of all of them including my representatives instructors conducting the so called conference. We all finish our day with a satisfaction , respectively.

End Session

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