Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Food In Tunisia

            The Tunisian cuisine combines of Arabic, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and French influences and dessert dwellers culinary traditions. Tunisian cuisine based mainly on olive oil , spices, tomatoes , seafood and meat primarily lamb.Tunisia food is quite spicy. You can find bread and pastries seems it was French legacy. Dishes are cooked with olive oil, spice with aniseed, coriander, cumin, cinnamon or saffron , many are accompanied by harissa , a chilli and garlic condiment.

Berber Bread

          Couscous is the national dishes of the Tunisian. The dish is cooked differently in various part of Tunisia . To cooked this dish a special utensils called the couscousiere. Vegetable and meat are cooked in the lower part of the utensils while the grain is cooked in the upper part.Other dishes such as Chorba, soup with lots of pepper, Bouza, rich and sticky sorghum and hazelnut cake, Salatta Battata, hot potatoes salad with caraway seed. Tunisian sandwich offers to those who are on a fast move dish along the streets and you can find everywhere this easy going dish.


       Tunisian cuisine has the influence of many culture and civilization . Tunisian emphasize on fresh and wholesome ingredients and all the recipes which are prepared usually used natural products and high quality ingredients. Frozen food usually are not preferred by the Tunisian. Although there are traditional food serving you also can find Italian food such as Pizza, Pasta, Spaghetti in many parts of restaurants. As a food lover you can choose the taste you need based on traditional and modern cuisine that serve the Tunisian nations.

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