Friday, February 4, 2011

Promoting Gayong

           Where ever we go, Gayong is always in our heart. We took a chance to snap some photo on our visit to Cliffs of Moher for Gayong memories. The still photo and video were taken at the O’Brien Tower. We name the video that was taken there as “ Roaring at The Cliffs of Moher”. We are the director and we are the actor. Everyone got a chance to act in this clip. Before changed onto the uniform we take a few shot wearing normal shirts. With a spectacular view we are hoping that it's gone to be a nice panorama background. 

Me and Cikgu Anuar

Cikgu Zul and Cikgu Anuar

          While we taking some shot, .there’s a couple who work as freelance photographer seek our permission to capture our act. Both of them are from Amsterdam. And an exchange of contact address was made in order for us to have a copy of the photo snap by a professional. We got a lot of spectator on that day from tourist who visited the site. A few of them snap   photo of ours for their collection trip. Some took the picture together with us when we put on the uniform. I guess  is the first time for some of them see the kind of traditional costume.

Cikgu Zul, Me and Cikgu Anuar

In Action

           On that day we felt like an ambassador of silat .Our motive to capture our video and photo were distracted by the other visitors. It was like a culture shows that welcoming the visitor to the clifs. Although busy entertaining our instant fan we manage to finish the session. We spend our whole day there from noon to evening.

           It was a successful  session and hoping of promoting Gayong in a different way. If we can do a tour promoting Gayong for sure the rapid growth of spreading will occur. I read an article before on how the Korean spreading their art and this are one of the method . And even China  they promote Shaolin Kung Fu through theatre shows . And for us we have to promote ourselves without the support from anyone and the effort and expenses are comes from our own . For the love of Gayong  we manage to handle the burden and the benefit at the end will go to Gayong. Satisfaction and happiness felt in us when we see Gayong been accepted by the world. We are calling all the Gayong disciple to try their level effort to spread the art in their believe way and together we strived for the better . Last but not least “ Viva Silat Seni Gayong “.

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