Monday, February 7, 2011

Something To Share

          Teaching Silat Seni Gayong out from Malaysia are different from back home. If at Malaysia most of the students would follow as the instructor order without questions. Here the culture is different every movement need an answer. And the answer might not suitable to the questioner. If the answer would not satisfied the questioner than you will be losing a student. Most of the European here like to compare the martial art that they know and need an answer why are silat philosophy are such. With a lack of knowledge you won’t be able to answer all sorts of questions. And if you have the knowledge as well you must well versed how to explain in a simple order for them to understand.
Giving An Explanations

           We can conduct as many schools or training centre but making sure to maintain are one thing. Everything are money round here, money rules. You need an indoor training place to conduct a class and that cost money. Due to the various weather you can’t have the class outside. The only month can consider of having the class outside are summer. But in summer most of the student will ask for a break. That is the only time they are looking for a vacations. Training and having a class here are not as sound as it is back home. In Malaysia each class we might have around 20 to 30 students’ minimum but here the most around 10.The time when we have many students is when we conduct a seminar. In a seminar normally will be share and opened to various martial arts. In my opinion sharing knowledge are highly acceptable and a way of teaching here.

Explanations On The Techniques

           We should be proud of our Malaysian because their enthusiastic  about their culture art. In this different culture and environment you should comply with the authorities when conducting training. Everything is insured and safeties are the main matter that counts. That is why when training we can’t used real weapon everything is using training weapon. From my view of point they are more concentrate on techniques where else we are more concentrate on mastering the art. 

Explanations On Grappling Techniques

          To consider as well the punctuality and discipline in training. Most of the students here are punctual when comes for training. So we must have that kind of attitude as well. They are accessing us from many angle, the way we are teaching and making sure that we are really masters that can guide them in the art of silat. Own preparations must be done and must be fit with their environment. It is not easy to spread Silat Seni Gayong outside, even there is also a difficulty in Malaysia but always remember being a stranger and being a local are two different thing. For those who have an interest to pursue their career and gaining knowledge teaching and spreading Silat Seni Gayong outside Malaysia must well equipment with all the necessary knowledge. “Saol  ealaion” Silat Seni Gayong.

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