Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gayong Concept - Significant Of A Toe

            Perfection in training will makes practitioners mastering the art. In order to become an expert or master one have to understand the concept precisely. It’s not easy to come to that level, you need as much sacrifice as you can deliver. Time, money, family, friends, all are accountable during your period of training. I would like to share some of the techniques that we train in the first level of dodge in Silat Seni Gayong. Sometimes we lose sight when we perform the techniques. I take this level one dodge because in training most of the students makes mistakes and did not intend to bother and just for the sake of doing. 

Going For The Strike

            In the level one dodge techniques and number seven from the composition in Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia. The techniques will be made as such. In training when the attack had been made the awaiting opponent avoiding the attack by moving the right leg to the left and moving it forward. While doing this he holds his leg straight up and standing on the back of the knee joint of the person who attack. The opponent or attacker leg will be folded and automatically knelling down. The action was ended with the person who countering the attack standing on the back of the knee joint.

Kneeling Down

            But how can we get the person to kneel down? If we side kick to the back of the knee the result might be different .The person might not knelling down. In order to do this the leg must be kick a slight above from the joint and slide down. With this techniques how strong your leg muscle are definitely you will kneel to the ground. Always remember the position of the body played a bigger role of getting this position accurate. 

Kicking The  Back Joint

           Then come to the next part of making the person to stay at that position. Normally when we putting  our  feet, we always miss our toe position. The toe must be put to the ground and a touch must be done. What significant if the toe is touching the ground? We never thought that, by touching the toe to the ground the person who is knelling could not stand up if comparing with an opposite side. That’s how significant a toe can be in perfecting the techniques. It doesn’t have to be press hard, it just a matter to touch it to the ground .It works like a magnet and in science we can say it as the hold of the gravity that makes the knee been holding down. If we got it right for the next movement whether it for grappling or striking the person whom is attacking is like been stick to the ground and trapped in that position. All the explanation above must result with a continuous training, and a guide from a qualified master would be strengthening our training. ‘Hidup Silat Seni Gayong”.

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