Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tenggiling Anak Harimau - The Training Concept.

           Silat Seni Gayong not only teaches their students in avoiding and attacking but also teaches jumping method for self-preservation. This method is known as “tenggiling anak harimau” or tiger cub rolling. Rewinding back on my previous blog writing on the story of the female tiger teaching her cub on grappling and striking, and while doing the entire act the cub also rolled. The act of rolling is what we called as “tenggiling anak harimau” in Silat Seni Gayong.  All the action of rolling or jumping or gymnastic or fall prevention are method of escaping while been attack.
           In preparations for the student to perform the rolling techniques they are instructed to do stretching. Stretching before any movements are a must to prevent from muscle cramps and to prepare the body on the stability and flexibility. After the warming up exercise the students will be shown the correct way of rolling from the context of Silat Seni Gayong. What will be teaches as a basic rolling or jumping techniques are start from the standing position. One has to stand by spreading their legs on a medium stances position not to wide and not to narrow. From this position they are shown how to rolled the head inside the leg that was stretch out. The most important thing when performing or practice this act is to save your neck or head from getting hurt. Every movement of the rolling must be land on the shoulder back. The forward rolled must be repeated to make perfect. For a new in doing the act they might be feeling dizzy, these is due to the flexibility and stability of the adrenalin in the body. Repetitions of the exercise will normal back the position of the body. 

Standing Position
Basic Rolling
Returning To Position
Leaping- Prepare To Landing

           After one have experienced and confident on the forward roll, they will be taught the backward roll. The backward roll are similar as the forward roll, it just the opposite side of it. With the basic movements of rolling been perfected the students will be shown the next step of rolling or jumping. This time they have to leap while performing the jumping. The confident on the previous basic jumping and rolling method will make the students feel easy in this leaping method. This method will be developing with obstacles from lower elevation to high, from narrow to leaping on obstacles and many more. What the most important method to be understands here is the way of keeping save while landing on the ground. The entire concept is taught in basics from rolling in a standing position until leaping in a standing and running position. Mastering the concept correctly and a non-stop training would be enable trainees to perform all the gymnastics techniques with flying colours.

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