Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hidden Talent

           Our activity is not just silat, sometimes we do other activities. This time we tried our own talent. Information was related  to other members on the occasions. A venue was selected and we make the musical room at RCSI as our talent battle. We are organising a karaoke event. In order to get the event smoothly  we gather  the students who has a knowledge in music arrangement. As usual there is always a hidden talent. We  do not know if we don’t dig it.

With Full Of Enthusiast

          After  a set up and we are ready for the talent battle. We are lucky because one of the student, Bobo has a full set of karaoke songs. That’s make the event more interesting. Earlier we download karaoke song from you tube which the sound system is not that great. With the set lent by Bobo we should have a great song talent event. With a band speaker and microphone and the musical equipment in the room, we try to utilised all the necessary material that can be used for the event.

Trying My Luck

            Everyone are invited, no matter from any gender. As for the male students is like a dream come through. As for the female they are a little bit shy. They only echo from the back when a song of their kind sung. It took sometimes for them to fit on the event. Everyone  enjoy the program and that is the first of a kind to be run by Gayong’s  student. On a great demand we had the event a few times. 

 Beating The Drum

Full Concentration

           From the event our brotherhood are more closely and we do feel  brothers and sisters. The unity we had from the event makes us more trust among each other and collaboration and mutual assistance without any restricting feeling. From that event we  started planning a new event and that might be camping, outing, charity and many. Its all similar as a family and things work when we are united and stay together. That’s Gayong all about , do something together. Gayong is not only in court but Gayong are everywhere. We are Gayong, they are Gayong and Gayong are ourselves.

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