Friday, February 18, 2011

Broaden The Knowledge

            Explaining the knowledge does not stop on the composition in syllabus. We take a chance broaden the understanding, how simple a Gayong method can be apply in a simple way. As normal the training was conducted like others days but the different this time we slot in about an hour extra for a simple techniques that should be applied if comes across personal safety. The simple techniques are more emphasized on defense for ladies. It was an introductory for the lady practitioners especially the newly join for the training, how to escape or defending themselves if comes to the situation.

Single Hand Held
Double Hand Held

            Firstly we show them how to escape from a hand held. Escaping from a hand held needed a basic movement using the wrist joint of the forearm. By turning a bit of the wrist and using the elbow joint to fold the person should be able to escape from a single hand held. This method is simple and can be done quickly. The elaboration goes further as many questions come from the student on many aspect of situation. After elaborating the single handed hand held, the questions arise if it was been grab by both hand to the wrist, what should the necessary action taken to escape. As the basic of the single hand held, always remembered to use your elbow joint and been assist by the other hand. In that situation fold the elbow joint and with help from the other hand pulled the hand towards our body. All the students smile as would have never imagined how easy this method.

Holding The Shirts
Hug From Behind
Been Lock From Behind.

           The morning session goes into adrenalin, as such many are eager more to feed on the knowledge that they could be easily understand and applied. It goes into escaping from hug from behind, from the front, been hold by two person on both hand and many more. Overall the most important things here are that whenever anyone comes across the situation do not panic because panic can make things worse. When a person panics they can’t think properly and straight. If the person having the situation he or she won’t be able to escape from the conditions. And must remembered the natural weapons we possess used it,  the elbow, the knee, the knuckle, the finger the head and many more to escape from the situation. The information and simple techniques session has open the mind of the students in addressing such problems. Cheers.

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