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            Kain Cindai or Cindai Fabrics are woven fabrics made of natural silk with the highest quality. Use of double bonds  makes it strong and durable. With the qualities, it has been told that it able to refrain from piercing weapons. This is when comparing with a silk armored shirt worn by the Mongol which are not penetrable even  by an arrow. According to history this kind of fabrics come from the Patan District in Gujerat India. Some said it was from Hadrami Region in Gujerat India. As far as the Malay is concerned the Cindai cloth  has been in the Malay Archipelago since the 12th century and was brought by Muslim traders. The actual history of Cindai cloth cannot be determined.

Cindai Fabrics

           In the archipelago Cindai also known as Limar, Gerinsing, Patola and Ruffa. Cindai fabrics is woven with a silk thread with light and medium crude. The patterned generated from tie and dye techniques. The fabrics are divided into two which are name as male ( Cindai Jantan ) and female ( Cindai Betina). The difference is in the pattern , the interest and the base. The male ( Cindai Jantan) designed is more rough and fierce while the female ( Cindai Betina) designed more delicate and gentle. The flower designed on the cloth been named as “giling kacang”, “hujan lebat”.’ sekawan merpati” and “tikar ru”. With the high quality thread and woven techniques makes Cindai cloth are expensive and only been worn by the noble. 

Cindai Used Defending From Sitting Position

Belt Used As Cindai

          The  Cindai fabrics are also been used as a weapon because of its strong  woven thread , it can be used to strike, to tied, to strangle and to be used to defend ourselves. In Silat Seni Gayong ,Cindai  techniques is the highest level. Silat Seni Gayong divided Cindai into seven method. The method are called as Sauk (Scoop), Kalong Puteri (Princess Necklace), Awang Bodoh( Stupid  Awang) , Serkap ( Trap )  , Tebar (Stocking), Pukat( Trawl)  and Tudong ( Veil ). The techniques of Cindai in Silat Seni Gayong  are also divided into two. As the fabrics is called male and female so does in Silat Seni Gayong. But the difference is that male ( Cindai Jantan ) are a method of  swinging and hitting while the female ( Cindai Betina) is a method of capturing and strangulation. In the art of Gayong Cindai were worn either bound at the head or the waist. Cindai also used to be binding with Sundang Lipas which are the sword that been used in Silat Seni Gayong.

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