Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dodgering Method

           We had a seminar on dodgering. The explanations on how a proper technique and stance should be done when performing the dodge. It was done at an open area in spring weather. This training also tested the endurance of each trainee. With a bare footed and the cold breeze penetrating into the foot and  challenging. 

Avoiding In Parallel

            In Silat Seni Gayong  parry is taught in every level. From bare hand to weapon techniques. On this seminar we concentrate on the first level of parrying. There are three method in the first level. First method is avoiding in parallel, follow with the second pulling back the right foot , three step foot forward. All this three method combined with an attack and that makes seven of it.

Step Forward Foot

           In Silat Seni Gayong the technique is avoiding and not warding. Warding will be apply as an attack while dodgering.  Let’s refresh our mind on the first avoiding method. As per the earlier introduction this technique is done by paralleling the foot when been attack. When doing this makes sure that the body is parallel enough and facing the opponent. After we have avoid our body from the attack we counter attack which we called as warded.

Grappling From The Avoiding Parallel

           If in a situation that we are unable to counter attack or warding we are already save by the previous attack. In order to perform this we got to have the correct foot position. With a correct position when countering an attack it can be done without looking at and we will be able to strike at the right place. To master the method training may be performed repeatedly without boredom.

Warding By Pulling Back The Right Foot

         All  Gayong techniques of dodgering are done in close counter. Training should be done by measuring the distance of our training partner. By doing this we will get the correct stance and accurate position when avoiding and warding. Once we achieved this level , parrying or counter attacking requires only a little energy, but the result is maximum.

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