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Seni Lembing - The Art Of Custom

            Seni Lembing is an art which belong to the group of Seni Simbat and Seni Keris Tapak Pahlawan. On what part that Seni Lembing is categories in this section. Lembing are made from long hilt and since that it is long the techniques used are more on swinging. At the end of the hilt, the rod are attach together with a blade. These blades are used in making a thrust and hurling. The combination of this two techniques makes Seni Lembing is an art of mastering both the Seni Simbat and Seni Keris Tapak Pahlawan.

            Mastering the art of Seni Lembing, one must understand the criteria of the weapon. Seni Lembing commonly was made with a long hilt which using rattan or nibung or a hard wood that not easy to break. While the blade size measure of a span distance. Mostly the blades are taken or copied from the shape of bamboo leaves. The length of the spears are measured from the ground until shoulder before attach with a blade.

Seni  Lembing

            When training with Seni Lembing one should understand the techniques of making a thrust and handling the bar. The thrust are made with a twist of both hand and opposite twisting when pulling the blade out from the target. While the bar are used to block, played with a hand drill or movement an addition can be swing. Performing Seni Lembing one must make sure that accompanied by tapak Yoi because without tapak Yoi the art of Seni Lembing would not be complete. The techniques of Seni Lembing is consists of swinging and thrusting, blocking and hurling.

Seni  Lembing  In Tapak  Yoi

The Tradition And Custom

            One of the additional attire when performing Seni Lembing is the bengkong or belt that has a special measurements and size and was passed to the students in a traditional ceremony. And when training is functioning the area of training must be covered with a yellow thread and the students must stay in the vicinity while in training and must maintaining discipline. Seni Lembing will be completed after completing the custom ceremony that will be hold at a waterfall. After completing the ancient and traditional custom the students are deemed to have completed the training. Seni Lembing is an art in Silat Seni Gayong which is full with traditional and custom discipline from the beginning until the end of the training.

                                                 “Seni  Gayong  Seni  Beradat”

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