Friday, August 10, 2012

Breaking - A Request

I am thinking about what to be share with all the readers. Did anyone have a suggestion? Now I remember there is a request from one student of Silat Seni Gayong asking me to write about the technique of breaking. He told me that he is entering an exam for the upgrade of his ranking and one of the syllabuses is breaking. He request me to share the knowledge of breaking because he wasn’t been taught this techniques. How is a student that doesn’t been teach and ask to do breaking in a grading? Is there something wrong somewhere in the system or it just making easy for the instructor? Before going to any grading the student must be equip with all the knowledge. From my view something must be straighten up on this matter in the sake of preserving the quality and knowledge of the art.

Breaking A Stone On Chest

In Silat Seni Gayong there is way of doing a breaking. We must place the roof tiles properly on each edge, usually using brick. How to place those roof tiles accordingly? It must be place technically about 1in from each end on the brick. When placing the roof tiles on the brick we must make sure that it will not move. In order to know whether it moves or not just used your palm and press it gently and hear and see and feel whether the roof tiles are in proper placing. After finish we must test the position of standing when intention of breaking it. The leg must be place accordingly; the left leg is at the same level of the roof tiles if you are right handed and vice versa if you are left handed. The knuckle if the tool used for that breaking, you must position it at a point where you wanted to do the hit. The point must be one quarter from the edge that you choose. Make sure when you do the punching the hand must be in straight level with your shoulder. Judge the point of hit, making breathing in and out at least 3 times and then break it.

A Woman Practitioner Breaking Roof Tile With Elbow

Must remember roof tiles have two types, there is cement which is harder and there is clay which is softer. For a starter using clay is better, but must remember the clay when is broken is sharp and it could cut your hand. For safety cover it with a cloth. You should also ask your instructor as well the ilmu of breaking. There are some mentera recite when doing breaking. For example, “kun kata pecah.Fayakun yang memecah.....”. Refer to your instructor for this, because in Silat Seni Gayong everything has a petua and ilmu even in the movement itself.

What I share is only on breaking roof tiles that was place on a brick. There are many types of breaking, such as: breaking roof tiles while holding it, breaking brick, breaking cement drain etc. All this breaking can be done variously using knuckle, elbow, palm, head, knee etc. The only thing is that we have to be taught of the proper petua and ilmu of it and in order to have that we must have a true knowledgeable instructor. Must also remember breaking is good to do at least every six month for each person in order to protect the hand from feeling pain when age is increased. That’s why we perform mandi minyak to correcting any muscle plus vein on training activities. May the simple explanation helps for the student who make the requisition.

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