Friday, September 28, 2012

Shield , Gada-Gada and Machete

Shield, Gada-Gada and Machete is the entry title. Anybody knows “Gada-Gada”? Or hear about it before. Gada-Gada is an additional Silat Seni Gayong weapon. Why it was called Gada-Gada? It was name that way because anything that is located at the edge and swing are defined as Gada-Gada in the Malay proverb or meaning. Usually Gada-Gada comes together with a shield. The size of Gada-Gada is various depend on the sharp object at the edge which is calculated from the length.

Where else Shield of the Malay is a tool in round those beings hold with full arm. Normally the size of a Malay Shield is a length of middle finger and the mother finger on each side of the tool. The objective of the Shield is to protect from any kind of attack especially from Machete. It is the tool of protection and Machete or Gada-Gada is combining as tools of destruction or making an attack. Shield despite as a protective gear it also being used as attacking tool. The attacking are apply in a motion of striking using forearm.
Malay Bugis Shield

Machete is a kind of sharp weapon with a size of the head length. The criteria of this weapon is to strike from the side, horizontal, stabbing, slicing, cutting etc .Shield will be used as a protective gear and Machete will do the striking.

The used of Shield does not bind only with Machete or Gada-Gada. It is also can be apply with Spear, but in the Malay Martial Art the used of Shield are consistent with Gada-Gada or Machete.
Example of Gada-Gada

In order to master these techniques a student must really know the art of Machete and the art of weapon which are kind of rope or chain that tight with sharp object. The philosophy of the art of the Shield, Gada-Gada, and Machete is blocking with Shield and striking either with any of the used weapons and once a while striking are necessary with the shield.

Silat Seni Gayong highlight many kind of weapon in making the student familiarise with all kind of different criteria of tools and combination of each tools as a way of the warrior. It is up to the student which kind of weapon they want to master. As a proverb said hold the weapon hard don’t let the enemy seized it from you.

With all the best for every practitioner seeking all the treasure of the ancient warrior art, Silat Seni Gayong.

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