Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seni Pisau

           Seni Pisau or Knife is a thrust technique. The techniques of Seni Pisau are consists of the art of thrusting, the art of grappling and striking. When training with a knife there are three method of thrusting. The straight thrust, vertical thrust and parallel thrust. The straight thrust is a technique where the knives are thrust straight at a level of the shoulder and the hand that holding the knife are pointing straight. While performing this method must make sure that the knife eyes are facing downwards. That also goes to the others method of thrusting. Whether vertical or parallel, where in vertical the blade eyes are facing forward and for parallel techniques the blade eyes will facing forward as well.

           Often mistakes are made when thrusting the knife. They turned the knife eyes to the right or opposite and the hand that holding the knife are twist like performing a punching. The confusion are neglecting the different between a keris thrust and knife thrust. There are two different techniques in these two different weapons. The thrust of a knife leave behinds a small cut and when the knife were pulled out the cut will be cover and an internal bleeding will take place. As for the keris the cut is more bigger and when a pulled out is made the cut is horrible because the cut will pull out all the contents. The thrust from the keris are more dangerous and cause severe injury.

Knife  Combat

           When trained with knife the students must also make the hand familiar with changing the position of the blade. This is to master the art of the blade. When changing are made as quickly as it can, can be confused to any opponent. Sometimes the knife is used for throwing. A method of handling the knife when throwing must be hold in the palm of the hand. And the hand must be straight in order to generate speed and accuracy of the throw. Without doubt a master in handling blade could handle the blade without detection of an attack to be carried out. Perfection of blade handling is through continuous training in the handling of various hold.

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