Monday, March 7, 2011

" Sawa Berendam" or Sinking Pyhton

          “ Sawa Berendam” or sinking python is a grappling techniques in Silat Seni Gayong. The terminology of sinking python is related to its behaviour or movement of the art. The techniques of “Sawa Berendam” consist of destruction of seven joints. The more we squeeze the more gripped that we will get. Similar with the habitat of the python these techniques will lead to a joint crushed and will eventually have problems breathing. A joint that will crush from this act is the arm, elbow and shoulder, ankle and knee, neck and waist. When performing this act the grappling starts from the standing position as in simple words top positions. From this a fall will be made and grappling continued until all the seven joints were crushed. If we really noticed that the act made was similar with a python when crushing a prey. The bigger the prey the heavier the fall and the weaker they will be when they have fall. The easier the crushing can be applied.

"Sawa  Berendam"

            On this part we only touched on the crushing method. In Silat Seni Gayong besides the crushing of the joint they are techniques which are concentrating on the nerve. The combinations of these techniques are more fatal than the previous method. With these techniques the prey will become weaker easily because the breathing has been block and the application of the next techniques is directly destructive. A gripped to the arm and with an accurate holding to the joint and nerve easily weakening the opponent. With a weak opponent a crushed to the joint should be without force. As usual the accuracy of the grappling should be carried with a good stances and body movement. The application of this method is substance in order to weaken the opponent. As seen in training the act of “Sawa Berendam” was practise slowly due to avoid injuries. If it was perform with speed the result is devastating and the injuries are difficult to describe. There is a saying in Silat Seni Gayong , the faster the attack the fastest the avoiding will be. It was described in a Malay folk tales, a bull speed is that can horn it shit before reaching the ground, but the faster the bull are a tiger are more faster than it reacts.

                                                          " Slowly But Surely"


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