Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Malay Community In London

           United Kingdom has colonised most of the world countries. Upon independence some of the colonised citizen permanently became British citizens and reside in UK. That’s a choice made by some of the Malay from Malaysia. I often visit the community whenever I was in London. The lived about 30minutes journey by underground tube from the centre of London. In order for them to meet each other they formed an association which were named as Association of Malaysian Community London. The purpose of a forming a club is to tighten the relations between the minority Malay living as citizen in London. 

The Club House

             The club house was the centres for the group to meet and discuss the problem arise from their minority members. The club house was located at Cricket field Road London. Formerly they rent the apartment for the club activities until at certain time they manage to buy the premises. Every Friday most of the men will gather at the club house after Friday prayer and chatting while having Briyani Rice. They spend about one to three hour chatting about many things before returning home. The club house also used for many activities such as a centre of learning religious, reading Quran, daily prayers and social activities among the communities.

The Club Members

              Most of the members lived surrounding the club house and that makes it a centre gathering place for the members. The club house received an income from rental of an apartment on the first and second floors. Sometimes as a traveller we can spend our night there for few days. It acts as a hostel for those who needed at a certain time. Overall the club house plays a bigger role in tighten the community of the Malay in London and a centre of activities in preserving the culture of the Malay.

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