Thursday, March 3, 2011

Food In Dublin

            Different places different taste of food. You can find various kind of food here at Dublin. From English, Irish, Italian, any European country and Asian food. The variety of dishes which will melt any food lovers.There is so many Malaysian based restaurant serving Malaysian style food. The restaurant are such Proton House, Langkawi Restaurant, Charlie, Swai, Nyonya and many more. The style of cooking although its Malaysian are based on the taste of the European.For example if the dishes is hot then it will be prepare as the local preference.Some of the Malaysian based restaurant are serving halal and non halal food , and most of the operator are mainly Chinese.And some of the restaurant having a Malay chef to served the authentic Malay cuisine.Along the food business there is also Indian, Arabic dishes, and a lot of fast food outlet serving fried chicken, burgers with various brands.The price are quite reasonable which you can have a complete meal at Eur5 per serving. Having a varieties and choice of food makes Dublin the city with many food craving.

One Of  Malaysian Restaurant
Char Kue Teow

Seafood  Noodles
Chicken Briyani

Mixed  Chicken, Beef ,Prawns


Pastries and Cappuccino

Ice Cappuccino


  1. kek dgn ice coppucino 2 nmpk sedap gile....haha...

  2. memang sedap pun..kalau tak dapat boleh mengila...hahahaha


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