Sunday, March 6, 2011

London, United Kingdom

            London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Administrated under the City of Westminster council and been the largest metropolitan city in the UK. London can be access through varies gateways such as Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick by air and by train from Paris through the St Pancreas Station. With multi gateways that makes London the most visited city by international tourists in the world. London is a city with many choices which have strength in the arts, education, commerce, healthcare, finance, fashion, entertainment, tourism and transport that contribute to the development of the city.

London Underground

            London a multicultural city with a diverse range of peoples and  religious and more than 300 languages spoken within its boundaries. Historically London was divided into two cities: a commercial city and a separate government capital. The commercial capital was the City of London. This had a dense population and all the other pre-requisites of a medieval city. A castle (The Tower of London) , a cathedral ( St Pauls), a semi-independent city government, a port and a bridge across which all trade was routed (London Bridge). Going upstream and around a bend in the river was the government capital. This had a church for crowning the monarch (Westminster Abbey) and palaces. First the Palace of Westminster better known as Houses of Parliament, then the Whitehall, then Buckingham Palace, which are linked by a road called “Strand”, an old English word for riverbank.

The Famous London Bus

The Street Where The Prime Minister Of UK lives

            The City of London is home to numerous museums, galleries, libraries, and other cultural institutions including the British Museum, National Gallery and 40 theatres. With the oldest underground railway network in the world known as the London Underground makes travelling in the City of London are convenience and easy access to any visiting point. As a great empire that once, many treasures of the world is located in London and can be valuable reference indeed. London as a whole presents to us many benefits in terms of science and world history.

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