Friday, March 18, 2011

London Bridge

            London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down my fair lady. Many children enchanted a lyric from a song that was taught at most of the pre-school or kindergarten which are remnants of colonialism. The history of London Bridge which has many twists and turns in its history. London unique and remarkable bridge that stand as a trademark to the city of which are one of the attraction to the city. 

The Sign

            The first bridge that was built in London on the riverbank of Thames River connecting the opposite end of the city in the 17th centuries. With a well built passage way along the river makes a comfort walk towards the bridge. There are many activities and event around Tower Bridge. From theatre shows to jazz band, food festivals to market stalls there’s always something exciting to capture imagination. 

Me And Cikgu Anuar

            The Tower Bridge houses four unique and exquisite values; the high level walkways, offering spectacular views of the Thames, the luxurious North Tower Lounge, the majestic Victorian Engine Rooms and the charming Bridge Master’s Dining Room. 

Crossing The Bridge

            Tower Bridge is the most famous bridge in the world. The bridge has views all over London from its two walkways and its Victorian architecture provides a spectacular setting for the presentation of art to the public. The bridge is like presenting the Londoners ‘to express their taught about the country through exhibition and events that was run at the venue. Visiting London is not complete unless a visit to the bridge is made.

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