Tuesday, April 19, 2011


           The culture and civilization of the Malay people are full of mysteries and unique. One of the culture and civilization of the Malay can be seen in their way of life which they called as Petua or tips. From one generations to others the Petua has been passed down in the environment culture of the Malay.For example Petua in selecting a place for building a house, Petua when making a trip or traveling, Petua in the discpline of eating and many more. 

           All of these unique cultures are synonym with the life of the Malay. These Petua or tips are the basis of highly discipline order in the life and surrounding around them. The Petua are a part of life of the Malay and are in every aspects of life. 

            So does in the Malay martial arts world which is called silat. Silat Seni Gayong does not escape from this culture and civilization. In Silat Seni Gayong the students are taught the Petua in a warrior way of life. That Petua, for example is  when making a traveling. All these Petua are pronounce in a simple words of which are fuelled with hidden meaning and was arranged in such a way that truly reflects the culture of the Malay. The terminology of the traveling Petua in Silat Seni Gayong were called as Gersik DiPantai translates in English as sea waves that hit the beach. In this Petua one has to sweep his palm to the forearm and hear the sounds of the act. The act sounds definitely different when we sweep the palm up and down the forearm.  If the sound is the same that’s means it is a bad sign and are believe we are going to be unlucky on that moment or day and that something bad gone to happen to us. If this happen we should seek the blessing from Allah Almighty to prevent us from the bad luck.

             In a simple Malay terminology it was called Geruh. Geruh or malang as in Malay words can be define as a future things that bad gone to happen to us without we knowing it. In understanding the Geruh it was arranged in a way of life that they called Petua or tips.

             Most of Petua are related to nature because Malay belief human are made from soil which are the teaching of Islam and are written in the holy Quran. What happen to this world are highly related to human and there is always an early sign or warning pertaining of the situation. All, it just a matter whether we are aware or not and that teaching in the Malay community are called as Petua.

             The Petua does not stop only on the relations with the nature or environments; it’s also related to the understanding of the mankind. All aspects of life consist of this act, an example the breathing inhaling and exhaling also an act of Petua. The rich culture and civilization of the Malay Petua some have been forgotten and faded and in preserving them must be made. It’s lucky that most of the martial arts of the Malay especially Silat Seni Gayong still preserved this unique and mystery Petua act.I hope with this simple introduction of what Petua is will drive the adrenalin of all the practitioners to seek the knowledge and preserved as a gold of the Malay culture.

                                                “ Ilmu Dan Budaya Yang Penuh Misteri”

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