Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Art Of Breaking

            Breaking can be defined as to cause, to separate into pieces suddenly or violently, smash or the act of breaking something. In Silat Seni Gayong the art of breaking are taught to give confidence in doing something. The breaking are from various material, such as brick, drain, roof tiles, bamboo, coconut and many more. All this have the way and techniques depend on the material that we are going to break.The breaking can be applied by knuckle,elbow,head,knee,kicking and many more applications.

Breaking A Roof Tiles, Making A Stance

           I would like to share the breaking techniques based on Silat Seni Gayong point of concept and philosophies. Let share the techniques of breaking a roof tiles. There are many types of roof tiles, there are from clay and from cement tiles. The clay tiles are softer from the cement tiles. For beginner the clay tiles are good for bringing the confident but the techniques that I gone to elaborate can be apply either the clay or the cement tiles. 

Breaking Roof Tiles By Knuckle

            When applying a breaking on the tiles first we must make sure that the foundation for lying the tiles are put accordingly and making sure it not gone to move when the act been applied. The tiles must be arranged about half an inch at each edge on the foundations. When the arrangements had been made make sure the tiles will not move.

Full Concentration

            From the tiles that are ready to be break, make a scale or point of breaking to be smash. You can choose either on the left or right side. The most important things are the measurements of the point of breaking. The measurements should be taken about a quarter from the whole tiles that are going to be the point of breaking. When you have made the measurements now you have to make your steady stance for the smash to be made. Make sure that in the stance the hand that gone to make the breaking are ninety degree from the shoulder to the roof tiles. While making an aim and breathing and concentration you are prepared for the breaking. 

Breaking Roof Tiles By Head

           There is things to remembered when breaking a roof tiles, that the material pieces are sharp when break, and  for precaution you are advise to cover the roof tiles with cloth. The best form to trained this act is to get the advice from your qualified instructors and he must explained from A to Z the techniques should be applied and the pre caution procedure.

Breaking Roof Tiles By Elbow

           I must advice to all practitioners it will feel great when you are able to do the breaking but must remember after each extreme breaking we must give enough rest for our hand at least every three month of each performance. This is to prevent the result of performing a breaking when we are old. I wish all for the best in training and a pleasure sharing the knowledge with all of you. Ok guy’s happy training. Cheers.

                                                “ Rahsia Tersimpan Di Purbakala.”

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